For over 20 years American Financial Services has achieved our goal of providing exceptional service for customers in Savannah and nearby communities. 


Anytime our customers need financial assistance, we work with you to meet your needs with our customized installment loan programs.


American Financial Services is dedicated to its customer base and provides the best customer service in small loans, debt consolidation, mortgage.

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Savannah & Coastal GA

We provide our customers with traditional installment loans for a variety of personal needs. 

Port Workers

Our loans do not have balloon payments, are not payday loans, and do not make title pawns. We offer loans with regularly scheduled equal monthly payments.

loans to fit your needs

You decide on payments you can meet, and we will customize your loan accordingly!

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We attempt to win your business by providing the best customer service.

Personal Loans for people with bad credit in savannah georgia

Loans we offer are scheduled on a regular basis with equal monthly payments.

mortgage loans

Conventional Home Loans, FHA Mortgage Loans, USDA Home Loans, VA Mortgage Loans, Choosing the right loan is not easy.

Why Choose American Financial Services Group, Inc.

Utilities, Credit Card Bills, Rent, or mortgage, Food or groceries, car repair, medical expenses


When discussing financial obligations, it is important to consider all the necessary expenses that must be considered. Such categories of expenses may include utilities, such as electricity, water, and heating; credit card bills; rent or mortgage payments; food or groceries; car repair costs; and medical expenses

Home Renters

When exploring the idea of home renting, it is essential to consider the various facets of such a venture. Home renting is a process by which an individual leases a residential dwelling to a tenant in exchange for rent payments.


Personal loans

Personal loans are short-term unsecured loans designed to provide consumers with cash for various purposes.

Customers who’s looking to use the loan to cover ordinary living expenses

Using loans to cover ordinary living expenses is an increasingly popular financial practice that many customers utilize. With the current economic climate, many individuals find themselves in difficult financial positions, and turning to a loan to cover their basic needs is often the best option.


Customers who are separated or divorce

When customers go through a separation or divorce, they face an array of complex considerations. The process requires additional guidance and support to make the best decisions for their current and future economic well-being.

Hospitality Workers

Hospitality workers are those who provide services related to the hospitality industry. It includes various occupations, such as hotel and lodging staff, food service staff, hospitality managers, travel agents, and more.




Customers who are disabled

Our businesses can meet the needs of customers with disabilities; we will take a proactive approach to understand their customer’s needs. It includes helping in navigating the physical environment, as well as providing customer service that to the needs of customers with disabilities


Customers earning below $40k per year

Businesses need to assess their customer base to identify any potential areas of need that will address to serve customers better could manage to do this population better.


Happy Customer

"I am a single mother and having the help of companies like AFS is priceless!"

Cynthia B

"AFS provided short term financing my businesess needed to make it thru the recession"

Curtis N



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